Formation of Kuching Central Club

5 Aug 85 The Board of Directors of the “Rotary Club of Kuching” met at the residence of President John Chin (85/86) and saw it fitting to propose and discuss the formation of a new Rotary Club in Kuching in conjunction with its Golden Jubilee (50 years) celebration in 1986. The meeting agreed that this task be undertaken by PP Lt Col Devan Pilai and PP Dr. Ong Shak Foo.
25 Apr 86 The 1st Interest Meeting for the formation of a “New” Rotary Club in Kuching was held on Friday 5:30 PM at the Mulu Room, Holiday Inn Kuching organised by President John Chin (85/86), PP Lt Col Devan Pilai and Secretary Joseph Lim and attended by potential members of the “new club” who represent the various walks of professional and business community in the Sarawak State Capital, Kuching.
2 May 86 The 2nd Interest Meeting was also held at the Holiday Inn Kuching and the PRO-TEM COMMITTEE of the PROVISIONAL CLUB was formed.
9 May 86 The 3rd Interest Meeting elected Mr. Chua Teck Kheng, Senior Agricultural Economist, Agriculture Department Sarawak – President of the new Club.Members voted for the weekly fellowship to be held on every Thursday 5:30PM.

The proposed name chosen was the “Rotary Club of Bandar Kuching”.

The Provisional Club
12 May 86 The 1st Board of Directors’ Meeting of the new club was held at the Army Officers’ Mess at Reservoir Road, Kuching attended by Club Advisors: President John Chin (85/86) PP Lt Col Devan Pilai and PP Dr. Ong Chak Foo.The meeting was informed that the Sponsoring Club – “Rotary Club of Kuching” was generally not in favour of the proposed name as it may lead to confusion with the name of the sponsoring club and it was agreed that the choice of a new name be left to the members during the next weekly Meeting.
15 May 86 1st Weekly Meeting was held on Thursday 5:30 PM.1st Overseas Visitors: RTN Reg Stokes and Ann from the “Rotary Club of Barnsdale” Victoria Australia attended the meeting and they also presented their club Banner to the Club.

After many a speech in support of this or that name, the majority voted in favour of the “ROTARY CLUB OF KUCHING CENTRAL” (PROVISIONAL then).

5 Jun 86 Sergeant-at-Arms, RTN Ang Khim Hwa was the 1st member to introduce himself and spoke on his classification – Mathematics Education.
19 Jun 86 RTN Odita Ibrahim was assigned the responsibilities to do the Club Banner Design incorporating the historic Borneo High Court House in Kuching (by virtue of its “Central” location) and the first 2 tenets of the FOURWAY TEST of ROTARY and the Pursuit of TRUTH and FAIRNESS.
9 Dec 86 Registrar of Societies Malaysia issued Certificate of Registration No. 103/86 (Sarawak) – Official Recognition of our Club by the Government of Malaysia.
23 Dec 86 Official Charter of the Rotary Club of Kuching Central – Formal Recognition of the Club by Rotary International.It was the 65th Club in District 330.
20 Feb 87 1st Press Report of the Club appeared in the Sarawak Tribune together with Press Photo of the Charter President.
28 Mar 87 1st Ladies Night at the Residence of the Charter Secretary – RTN Michael Hii.
20 Apr 87 P.O. Box 641 allocated to the Club by the General Post Office Kuching.
9 May 87 1st weekly fellowship held on Saturday 1:00PM at the Holiday Inn Kuching.