Assistant Governor

Assistant Governors are district appointees selected by the incoming Governor. They are not officers of Rotary International. Assistant Governors are to be appointed on an annual basis, with no Assistant Governors serving more than three one-year terms.

Assistant Governors must be Past President of Clubs in the District, willing and able to accept the responsibilities of Assistant Governors. They must have successfully served at th edistrict level, and have potentials as future Governors of District.


The assistant governor has responsibilities to both the district governor and the club.
District-level responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in developing district goals
  • Coordinating the DG’s official visit with clubs
  • Communicating clubs’ strengths, weaknesses, and progress toward goals to the governor
  • Attending district meetings
  • Participating in Rotary Foundation programs, events, and fundraising
  • Helping develop future district leaders
  • Briefing the incoming assistant governor on the status of clubs