BOD: 2013 – 2014

bod-1314President & Board of Directors 2013 – 2014

2013 – 2014
   President President Patrick Luk
   President Elect Rtn Louis Yong
   Vice President Rtn Alan Poh
   Immediate Past President IPP Dr Willie Lau
   Hon Secretary PP Sylvester Fong
   Hon Treasurer PP Sim Cho Phong
   Sergent- At -Arms PP Wong Kho Ching
   DGE PP Andre Suharto
   PP Abel Chieng Lee Ching
   PP Dr Samuel Kiyui
   PP Kho Ping
   PP Aw Tai Hui
   PP Thomas Ngu
   PP Frankie Ong
   Rtn Steve Ng
   Committee Chair
   Chair, Club Administration  PP Abel Chieng Lee Ching
   Chair, Membership  PP Leslie Phuan
   Chair, Service Projects  Rtn Richard Wong
   Chair, Rotary Foundation  Rtn Ng Yaw Hua
   Chair, Service to New Generations  PP Frankie Yang
   Chair, Public Relations  Rtn Clarence Yong