Gift of Sound Project

Tuesday, 23 January 2024

As part of a collaboration between Rotary Club of Kuching Central and LDS Charities, 72 Super & Ultra power hearing aids were donated to the Ear, Throat and Nose Department of Sarawak General Hospital.

The Gift of Sound Project helps to ease the waiting time for the patients to get the hearing aids as they usually have wait for months or even longer to get the chance for hearing aids. It is especially important to identify and treat any hearing issues for newborns and children in their first 3 years as this early stage is full of discovery and incredible growth. He or she learns to stand, walk and, not least, talk. If your child suffers from hearing loss, their ability to develop speech is dependent on the correct care from the very beginning.
Through meaningful collaborations such as this, RCKC hopes to be able to aid more people in need in our community.
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